Monday, February 20, 2012

High Tea at the Fairmont Airport

Wow, it's been a while since I've blogged here. It's not because I've abandoned Where is Liza, I have been so crazy busy. For one, I have way too much school work to deal with, another is because I've been contributing to another blog for Library Techs. And lastly, because I have my favourite places where I repeatedly go to I don't want to keep writing about these same places.

This last Sunday, I went to a new place, The Fairmont's Airport. I went for high tea sadly, it was disappointing.

The ambiance was nice enough, enormous fireplace and a view of the runway (I know, it's a bit strange to have a view of the runway for high tea, but what can we do when we don't live in Victoria). 

The service staff were all dressed very professionally and were quite friendly, but they didn't come back to check if our tea needed to be replenished. The tea selection was not very large some black, some green, a chamomile and mint. It was served using a French press. The china used were modern, all white. The biggest disappointment was the food. It just didn't seem special enough. There was a selection of croissant with egg salad, salmon, curried chicken on baguette slices, scones with some clotted cream and an assortment of sweets. It just seemed like the sandwiches were made way ahead of time, so the bread weren't all that fresh and the sweets didn't seem like they were made on the premise. 

For the price they charge, it definitely was not worth it. I wouldn't go back. I recommend instead going for Afternoon Tea at the Sutton's Fleuri Restaurant.