Friday, April 12, 2013

Too Busy to Go Out -- Washing My Hair with Baking Soda

I am so not a granola (not that there is anything wrong with being one). I shave my legs so that they will be silky smooth, I generally wear make-up, and I have nothing against using store bought products. So, that said, I will tell you how thrilled I am, that my bathroom, is now the new kitchen, complete with a teeny tiny fridge (did you just roll your eyes?). 

In my kitchen/bathroom, you may find baking soda, apple cider vinegar, yogurt, avocado, lemon and coconut oil -- these are not for consumption. 

Making it look pretty: In the recycled soap pump, I put in the ACV (apple cider vinegar)
conditioner, to its right is the baking soda (container from Ikea) and in the pretty container is the coconut oil.

Let's start with baking soda shampoo { ratio is not absolute, a heaping tablespoon or 2 of baking powder to 1 cup water }. I have heard about this concoction before, but because I associated it with something for the aforementioned granola types, I dismissed it without ever entertaining the idea of giving it a try. What changed my mind is a friend's post and ravings on Facebook (thanks Lisa). A recommendation from a personal acquaintance weighs in so much more than from a complete stranger. 

So, I try it. I will tell you, though, that it is strange to use. It's obviously nothing resembling shampoo at all. It is basically gritty water. Two squirts and I did my best to work it in my scalp and all through my hair. As I am rinsing, I immediately feel my hair get really soft (like after conditioning). I decided to just leave it at that and not use any conditioner at all, after all, it feels soft and untangled already. I blow dry it - no mousse, no hair spray -- nothing at all. The result is fantastic. My hair feels really clean and light. As if it has been stripped off years of gunk. It's voluminous, bouncy and shiny. If you feel that you still need a conditioner, there is ACV -- Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner -- half water, half apple cider vinegar. }

In general, my hair is quite healthy -- it's not very thick (having children thins your hair like you wouldn't believe), I have never coloured it (maybe once when I was 16) and I don't use any curling/straightening iron. 

My almost 21 year old daughter however, has massively thick, permed, sometimes corn rowed, sometimes pink hair. She LOVES the baking soda & water concoction. She raves about it to all her friends. She uses it with the ACV conditioner (make sure to rinse well).

Coconut oil in this antique container that
I bought at a garage sale for .50 cents.
The other thing I use for everything is Virgin Coconut Oil. It is so useful for so many things like moisturizer, lotion, make-up remover, deodorant, and it is fantastic for massage -- because it is solid and melts immediately when it touches skin - there are no drippy mess. Just google it and you will discover its many uses. (Plus, think of the counter space you will gain.)

So, next on my wholesomeness experiment will be the yogurt and honey and avocado skin care. I'll keep you posted.