Friday, March 11, 2011

An Artistic Affair for Our Most Amazing Top Customers

Being an avid grouponer, I received an invite to a freebie night. What a concept?!

Free drinks (wine and beer) and appies (prawns, sushi, flatbreads), music (dj) and painting at the rooftop of the Art Gallery
(all of my favourite things). The view at the rooftop of the art gallery was beautiful, perfect venue.

Check out Groupon:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


As you may have gathered on my previous posts, I am not a vegetarian. 3G on Cambie is actually pretty good. I didn't really miss not having meat. The "shrimp like" dim sum was actually pretty close to a real shrimp dumpling. Only complaint is that our last order took a very long time. This is a decent place for a quick lunch.

3424 Cambie St Vancouver

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Colin & Justin at the BC Home & Garden Show

Sample design that they discussed on the show
These tv personalities of HGTV sure were entertaining (in their matching Scottish garbs of bright yellow and pink kilts and an unfortunate run in with fake tanning that they have attained and explained on a morning foray with local tv).

Who else will describe a badly decorated room as being, "flacid."

The annual home show is always so inspiring, (sort of like walking around Ikea, but more). I always leave that place with projects swimming around in my head.

Check it out. It's there all weekend.

Plus, if you haven't seen the new convention centre yet, it's a good opportunity to have a looky-loo. 

Bo Laksa King's Bubbles and Bits

I went to Bo Laksa yesterday for lunch after doing some research at the Hastings Library. I had the lamb curry. It was good, but I wish they gave me more of the salad. I did find it a bit pricey for such a place. I found my portion was a bit small, too (maybe I was just too hungry), my friend's dish of noodles, however, was quite plentiful. The service was friendly. It seems to be a popular place with return customers.

2546 E Hastings St.

Central City Brewing Company

Ok, I know that I just said on my posting (of Guildford Station) that I like authentic pub feel. However, I also, do enjoy the more modern brew pubs. They usually do have well thought out menus designed by real chefs. As a matter of fact, on a wine event, I was able to sample their creation of cheesecake sprinkled with bacon (sounds gross but it is does work). Central City Brewing Company is not a bad place to chill after work, plus if you haven't seen the architecture of Surrey SFU by Bing Thom, it is a must see.

Guildford Station Pub

Trying to find parking at this pub on a regular night is next to impossible, so on game nights, you better be there early enough. They have really good specials at fair prices. It is probably one of the few decent pubs remaining that is not part of the conglomerate pub groups.  It has a really good mix of clienteles. The train and the big fireplace is pretty cool too. I really hope this place won't change and become a clone to the other places.

Guildford Station Pub

10176 154 Street
Surrey, BC V3R4J6
Tel: (604) 582-0205

Garden in Chinatown

Dr. Sun Yat Sen garden is a peaceful and beautiful  green space in Chinatown. Check it out if you are in the area, there is a free portion that is perfect enough for a peaceful contemplative stroll.

"Step into our door and out of your daily life. As your heart and mind relax, energy renews. Journey back in time to 15th Century China and enjoy this "window to another world"

Best Siopao

158 E Pender Street
Newtown is probably every Filipino's favourite hole in the wall place in Chinatown. They make the BESTEST siapao. Siapao are steamed buns, but not like the ones in dim sum, these are big and fluffy and fresh. Apparently, a baking expert friend of mine says that they use yeast instead of baking powder. Some out-of-towners would buy dozens and dozens of these to take home with them.

Police Museum

If you are into CSI and Bones, The Police Museum is an interesting place to visit. It is located in the heart of chaos (close by the Police Station on Main and Hastings). The building itself is quite historic (deemed a heritage building), it is the former City Morgue and Coroner’s Court.

I was fortunate enough to have been on an in-depth tour by Joanna, the curator and Chris, the executive director.  They had artifacts like various weapons, uniforms, autopsy tables, blood splatter identifications things and all sorts of macabre items. At their gift shop, you can buy yourself such things as a money laundering bag or gun ice cube trays.  Oh, and they do kid's birthday parties!

My favourite quote from the curator to describe this place was, "it's not  the tea and crumpet museum." (Funny enough, when we went down to see some of the items yet to be sorted and labeled, there was a silver tea set donated by a former police chief).

Late night nosh

Ok, I haven't gone to The Keg in eons (probably since high school, when restaurant choices were very limited). Dining options in Granville Island late night after a show is extremely limited. As it turned out, it was decent enough. At 11:00 pm, my friend and I both had the pepper steak and a glass of wine (one glass only since I will be driving home to the burbs in the snow after all).

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
What a beautiful night it was on Saturday with the snow falling and all of Granville Island blanketed in white, it was just magical. This peaceful, Christmas feeling outside was in direct contrast to the feeling that "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" invoked. Don't get me wrong, I liked it. I'm just saying it's not warm and fuzzy.
I could only imagine how draining it was for the actors to be on this play. The main characters of Martha and George, seemed to had poured themselves in the roles. If you had never seen it before, You Tube it and you will see some excerpts from the movie with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

This play took zinging and cocktails into olympic level.