Monday, April 18, 2011

Othello Tunnels & Old Settler Pub

If you are going to be on the Hope or Coquihalla area, check this place out. 

"... These tunnels were designed by Andrew McCulloch to save going around the Coquihalla Canyon. The railbed crosses the Coquihalla River several times and the views are well worth the trip. The trestles have all been converted to walkways now, and it is a provincial park. It is located about 5 km outside of Hope."

It is one of those beautiful BC places to hike -- water rushing, monolithic boulders -- BC at its best. The main trail is an easy hike. There are however, more medium trails off the main one. We have decided to turn around, though, upon seeing bear poop as we aren't equipped for a possible confrontation. 

To complete our rustic day, we thought we would eat locally. Unfortunately, it was pretty dead everywhere in Hope at 7pm Saturday night. So off, we go again on our small road trip. We decide to go to Harrison Hot Springs. Still sticking to "rustic" we go to the Old Settler Pub. It is a nice change to go to a place where it's not a "Donelly or Mark James" type. We both have a "stick to you ribs" food - meat, potatoes and beer -- very authentic.

If you have a day, this is one good excursion away from the city.