Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coming Up

I loooove road trips! There's something so raw and honest about getting in your car with no specific destination and no reservations anywhere. I knew the general direction I was embarking on (somewhere I have never been) and I knew I only had 4 days. With this, a friend and I ended up through some very quaint and charming small towns in Washington, Idaho and Montana. We saw a herd of metal horse sculptures atop a hill (that we hiked in flip flops), went hot spring hopping, had beer in a saloon in cowboy country Montana, climbed/hiked snowy Lolo peak, found an unmarked "secret" hot spring (after a treacherous hike), got spray misted by Snoqualmie Falls, drove through amazing verdant rolling hills in Palouse and ate cherry pie at the diner where they shot Twin Peaks (Northbend).

So for the next few days I will cover these highlights of my road trip.