Saturday, March 5, 2011

Police Museum

If you are into CSI and Bones, The Police Museum is an interesting place to visit. It is located in the heart of chaos (close by the Police Station on Main and Hastings). The building itself is quite historic (deemed a heritage building), it is the former City Morgue and Coroner’s Court.

I was fortunate enough to have been on an in-depth tour by Joanna, the curator and Chris, the executive director.  They had artifacts like various weapons, uniforms, autopsy tables, blood splatter identifications things and all sorts of macabre items. At their gift shop, you can buy yourself such things as a money laundering bag or gun ice cube trays.  Oh, and they do kid's birthday parties!

My favourite quote from the curator to describe this place was, "it's not  the tea and crumpet museum." (Funny enough, when we went down to see some of the items yet to be sorted and labeled, there was a silver tea set donated by a former police chief).