Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuscany: Florence: Orsanmichele & the Bargello

Orsanmichele used to be a loggia (open space), but has been closed in and has become a church. It is notable for its statues of patron saints made by notable artist such as Donatello and Ghiberti. It is an interesting place to compare various emerging Renaissance styles. It also has a magnificently opulent altar by Daddi.

The Bargello comes second only to the Uffizi. At some point, it was known for the executions that took place in its courtyard. This is THE place to find Italy's more prominent Renaissance statues. It has Donatello's David, the original party boy - Bacchus by Michelangelo, Mercury by Giambologna. This is a must see!

Picasso, Miro & Dali
This is a traveling exhibit that just happens to be in town. Really interesting -- the progression of the 3 artists and how their styles influenced each other. It has works that you could not guess to be theirs. Also had Picasso's sketches on some notepads for the beginning of Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. 

Pizza for lunch. Excellent deal for a small dinner plate size of procuitto and mushroom pizza for €5. It was thin crust and made in front of you in their nice wood stove pizza ovens.

Afternoon snack on a nice patio for people watching:
 panna cota with strawberries, 2 bottles of rose (share between 3)