Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day ? (I lost count): Tuscany

Whenever I am traveling, my mind and my excitement usually gets way ahead of me. I have decided to make this a different one. While in Florence, I have planned to go to Milan and maybe see an opera at the La Scala, see the Last Supper, see Pisa, see Siena. After all, I'm here for two weeks. 

I've changed my mind, I'm staying put. I am going to savour and luxuriate in every day, every minute, every glass of wine, every tomato, every Donatello, every Michelangelo, every Botticelli, every sunshine, every downpour (it's actually quite frequent - but not like in Vancouver), every olive tree,every olive, every cypress tree, every coffee, every people watching moment on the patio, every Italian general strike (also a regular one day thing), every limoncelo,every bite of cheese, every dip in the pool,every ... Well you get the point.

So, i hope you guys will pardon me for not being punctual with my daily account of my trip, I am a little busy with my proseco.  I will get back into it eventually, maybe even later today, hhhmmm, right after I make some brushcetta for later.