Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hiking in Quarry Rock

I have been looking for an easy hike that I have never done before to do with my girlfriend who is a newbie hiker. I chose Quarry Rock because it is easily accessible by public transportation (don't feel like driving) and classified as "EASY." And duh, I later realized that it is the first leg of the Baden Powell trail, which of course, I have just completed recently.

It is less than 4 km and has one of those fantastic views for destination. It has been an interesting hike going with her because she lets me see with new eyes things that I may not consider. For instance, a person who has never gone hiking before may find it a challenge to be constantly watching out for numerous (endless really) protruding roots, loose rocks and constant uphills and downhills in loose surfaces.

I am questioning the rating system for hiking trails. While it is true that Quarry Rock is an easy hike for hikers, it may not be so easy for non-hikers. Just sayin...