Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Charlie Don't Surf, White Rock

This eclectic restaurant has been one of the lucky ones that  manages to endure. It's been around for a while. [FYI: Their strange name, if you aren't a film buff, is a famous line from the Apocalypse Now.]

White Rock waterfront is so small town and beach town picturesque. Sitting on the patio, eating your dinner while the train goes by takes life to slow motion. Charlie's decor is not quiet or staid, it's a bit rock and roll with their many black chandeliers and memorabilias.

mud pie
The food, while not spectacular, is alright. Since I live close by, I do go to Charlie's every now and then. It's a bit like going to Cactus or Brown's but with a spectacular view. I read the other reviews and there were numerous complaints of the bad service, well, I was there 2 days ago, and I actually made it a point to tip the waitress well because she was great. I'd still go there for a casual fare.

15011 Marine Drive
White Rock