Monday, October 3, 2011

Oru at the Fairmont Pacific Rim

Up the stairs to your left
The lobby  lounge when you walk in
I'm not really big on buffets -- I'd rather order exactly what I want instead of eating random food that just happens to be there. Oru is an exception, it is after all a seafood buffet at the newest hip establishment (Pacific Rim Fairmont).

Perfect view of the convention centre across the street

The light fixture with folded paper -
Oru is from the Japanese word meaning “to fold”
Everything they have, I want. Seriously -- everything!!! We're not talking just cheap frozen mussels and shrimps and salmon which are the common buffet fare. I'm talking about freshly shucked oysters (yes, here I go with oysters again), crab (already cut so it's easy to eat) with melted butter, seafood tom yum soup, bouillabaisse, very fresh mussels done in three different ways, paella, sable fish (cooked to absolute buttery texture perfection!!!). These are just my faves, there are so much more like butter chicken, halibut, sushi, wicked salad selection like shaved fennel and asian pear, and the list goes on.

The wine list is also well thought out. The waiter is excellent in suggesting an Argentinian 2008 Malbec that completes the meal. This he opens and pours in a very sexy and dangerously fragile looking Riedel decanter (apparently, we're not allowed to touch it ourselves).

Excellent service, perfect meal.