Monday, December 19, 2011

Number 9

If you live in Richmond, and of Asian descent, or friends with someone who is, then you have been to Number 9. This is the only restaurant I know of that is open 24 hours! Seriously, if at 3am, you have a hankering for Chinese food, or any other food for that matter, well, this is the place.

The food is actually pretty good, too. It's not mall food (this is very important to me because I really hate mall food) -- well, the Asian food isn't, I never tried their "Western Food." The menu goes on forever, they boast 1,000 items!

I was there with my sister recently and we ordered a whole roast duck, crunchy on the outside, pillowy soft tofu with garlic and chili and crispy chow mein. The waitress  made me repeat my order 3 times because she couldn't believe that 2 little women could eat all that I ordered, but I wanted a lot of leftovers to take home.

I don't live in Richmond, but this is a good "go to place" if you are in the area (Lansdowne Mall), or if you don't feel like looking for parking. It's also right by the SkyTrain. Apparently, they deliver as well.