Friday, December 2, 2011

Romeo et Juliet

The Vancouver Opera

I am a newbie opera goer, so I can only go by how it made me feel. I am sad to say that it didn't make me sad. 

I mean, I am the biggest cry baby -- everything makes me cry -- commercials, the news, weddings, I cry watching The Lion King, Finding Nemo and a few of the recent shows that I went to (Blood Brothers, Penelopiad).
But not this Romeo et Juliet. It just didn't grab me. Of course, it's sad... but I just didn't feel it.

[I think I will always have in my mind, the original Romeo and Juliet that we saw in high school (from 1968, a Franco Zefirelli film -- ok, it was already an older by film by the time I saw it, I didn't see it in 1968 - I was probably busy being born. ]