Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Beautiful Fall Day in the city (at Wreck Beach)

Ok, this may irritate some people, but I actually am happy that it's fall. I love walks amidst the crunchy leaves and the crisp fresh air (hhmm, sounds like a eHarmony ad). We are lucky that we don't need to go far to see nature and beauty, in fact, you can go to the same place and see something new and discover something different each time.

Even though, we have cancelled our kayaking plans because of the questionable weather, it is a perfect Saturday that started with a cappuccino and a pear tart at Faubourg in Kerrisdale. We then have decided to go for a walk at Wreck Beach -- those stairs are damn good exercise after all and a lot less crowded than the Grind . Most people wouldn't dream of venturing to this "clothing optional" haven, but if you are curious to see what it's like, but are intimidated to go, off-season is a good time to see it. It's not like other beaches, it's more like a community.

If you happen to have an abundance of energy, you can climb up this "dune," and maybe carve out in sand your declaration of love for someone.