Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alligator appy!

Well, it is nice and close to the theatre (The Stanley), so I did go to Ouisi Bistro again. I guess this is a sign of a good place when you can go back several times and not be bored. 

I tried the alligator for appetizer this time, and the Caribbean "hotter than hell" fare.
Gator Bites
genuine Louisiana alligator, served 14~
spicy & hot with a dollop of Cajun tartar sauce

The alligator, I hate to say it, taste like chicken - an over-cooked chicken actually. It's all about the sauce, and the sauce was good. I wish I asked how they make it. Perfect with a glass of a cold one. 

The Caribbean Hot Plate 18~
****Hotter than Hell ****
habanero and coconut chicken with
cilantro-lime pesto, red beans and green rice

If you think you can live through "hotter than hell," I say go for it.  It has a nice combination of different flavours. I ate the entire thing happily. (with another cold one.) I think I will try to make their cilantro-lime pesto at home, it will be perfect with white fish as well.