Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Philanderer

I have been so crazy busy the last few weeks that I am so behind here. I am finally having the time to do my updates again, so here it is.

The sign of a good play is it's timeliness. Last night, I saw George Bernard Shaw's play written in 1898,  The Philanderer,  at the Stanley. It is amusing to know that it seems that since the dawn of forever, many married couples have been bored with each other, and have married for all the wrong reasons.
"You might have married him not because you loved him,
but because you didn't love anybody else.
When one is young, one marries out of mere curiosity,
just to see what it's like." 
It's funny that so many plays are all about marriages. I guess that would be because that's were the drama lies. (Right next to teenage daughters, that is. - who thankfully/hopefully grows into more reasonable adults.)