Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thomas Haas

As some of you may know, I enjoy my pastries and chocolate. I finally got around to visiting Thomas Haas' tucked away location in North Vancouver last week. My GPS couldn't actually find it, but it brought me close enough, I just had to ask someone and was referred to the orange umbrellas infront. 

They have beautiful easter treats for the kids and even more beautiful treats for me. I tried the generously champagne infused, gold flecked chocolate creation. Only one word to describe it, Yummm!
 Champagne Truffle - Layers of champagne ganache between 3 layers of moist cakes: chocolate, almond and hazelnut

I also tried a passion fruit flavoured macaron. Also a perfection. It had a different texture from the one in Granville Island culinary school, which I also loved. Their version is less crisp on the outside and more spongy soft. Nevertheless, it's delish just as well.