Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tuscany: Day 1

First full day in Tuscany
It is so beautiful here it is just ridiculous. It feels so surreal -- Like I am in a movie set or in a dream. I am staying in an outskirt of Florence in a town called Figline in a converted 16th century villa on top of a hill. My room, which is really a suite, has a kitchen bigger than mine at  home,  it has a window that opens up to a view of the town below. The main area has French doors that opens up to an enormous terrace, again with this soaring view of Tuscany. This terrace has a Magnolia tree which is one of the oldest in Italy and an olive tree and several tables for al fresco dining. This is where I had my lunch today while reading (which I actually did not end up doing very much because the beauty is extremely distracting).