Sunday, September 18, 2011

"C" Restaurant

I've always wanted to go this restaurant ever since I saw a feature of its award winning chef, Robert Clark on TV. He's one of our local superstar chefs. So, when "C" was the deal of the day at Groupon, I was all over it (otherwise, I may have to forgo eating for a week to afford it). The deal was for a tasting menu - brunch. This means that you don't order, you get what you get.

As is typical of a fancy-shmancy place, it started with an amuse-bouche (for non-foodies, this means an itty-bitty appy) of corn bread on aioli. It was followed with granola with Greek yogurt, with fresh fruits sprinkled with mint, then a salad of frisee and arugula with smoked trout and grapefruit and the main course was eggs benedict with some paprika potatoes. Dessert is an in house made chocolate cherry ice cream on a cone.

It is a good meal, however, I'm pretty sure, I can get a similar meal like it for a lot less. I think I would have to go back though for dinner in order to get its true essence of what they are famously known for. 

C is in the north side of False Creek. 
2-1600 Howe Street Vancouver, BC