Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Keith Urban at Rogers

Those who know me may have found it surprising that I have gone to see Keith Urban -- I know nothing at all about country music. What I do know, however, is when someone performs with heart. And he has a lot of heart -- this is evident on Monday.

He has guitar skillage, and he is charming, and he is a hottie! All these oozes out of his pores. The audience ( a lot of girls in their cowboy hats) looooooved this man, and it's easy to see why.

There are various stages throughout the coliseum and it seems everyone has had the opportunity to touch him. At one point, he pulled 3 audience to sing on stage and he even gave a guitar he just finished playing with (he changed guitars like Nicole Kidman changed outfits) to some lucky girl.

As if the audience didn't love him enough, on his encore, he comes out wearing Canuck jersey #33. Well, of course the crowd gets even crazier.

T'was a good introduction to the world of country music.

(Did I mention that he has a totally hot bod!)

Bonus: Russel Crowe was a surprise performer!!