Monday, September 26, 2011

Canucks -- Club Seats

Yes, my heart is still broken and mending from the heartbreak of eluding the cup, and the chaos of  the riot, and of Rypien, and of Dimitra, but I can never ever say no to our see our boys. But, unfortunately, our usual boys are not playing tonight. Nonetheless, it was a perfect night to get back into the spirit.

The pain is dulled especially that I have club seats. I may have mentioned about this this magical place before on FB, but instead of words, I thought I'd just post some pics of this happy place.I was too intimidated to take photos of the serving staff while they are going around with their trays of panko prawns and chicken skewers with peanut sauce and other delectable treats.

scallops in yummy sauce (not sure what it is)

aahh the little things, drinking from a glass at a game

pickled yellow beets
I don't think I've ever said, to myself, "I've had enough oysters." I think I ate over half a dozen kusshis.
beet salad

yumm... freshest sashimi and sushi

These steaks are like buttah! They were topped with crab meat and served with some baby squash or asparagus.

drizzled with tabasco like I like em